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 Telepower Inc. is a custom development company in the field of Sub-1-GHz wireless communication, Bluetooth low energy, specializing in image processing..

TEL. +81+3-6907-8511

#3 (No3.Goto Bldg.) 2-11-9 Minami-Ikebukuro,
Toshima(-ku), Tokyo(-to), 171-0022, Japan

Construction system

We are welcomed your inquiry of request of new development except our original products.
Please consult us who has any problems of the following development projects.
We have developed various products in order to meet your expectation.
An example is shown below.

Construction system (performance-based)

Construction system   
  • Slag automatic transport system for Factory
  • Unmanned backhoe system for Mt. Unzen
  • Automated guided vehicle remote monitoring system
  • Concrete products transport system
  • Wireless soil humidity measuring device
  • Vibration shock temperature verification tool
  • Power remote monitoring device
  • Wireless danger detection and alarm system
  • Robot system image and control communication system of underfloor of the house
  • 2.4GHz band・SS wireless image system
  • ZigBee wireless input terminal and communication system
  • Television camera wireless control system
  • Camera Robo Wireless control system
  • Small sized FeliCa port
  • RFID Engine FPGA development
  • UHF band RFID reader writer
  • The liquid crystal display with terminal
  • Linux terminal for ASP production management new POP system
  • Driver's seat portion driving simulator
  • Bar Code Management Network System
  • Pupil and adjust measuring device
  • Foot type measuring instrument
  • Simple blood glucose measuring instrument
  • EOS lens control firmware
  • Pulse selector circuit


Head office

#3 (No3.Goto Bldg.) 2-11-9
Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima(-ku), Tokyo(-to)
171-0022, Japan

TEL +81+3-6907-8511
FAX +81+3-6907-8512